About Kanya360

Age is just a number. It may sound very cliché but that’s the fact of life also. Whether you are 5 years young or 95-year young, YOU WILL ALWAYS REMAIN KANYA, unless you think otherwise.

Every woman, if desires, can have a 3600 growth in her life, something that men can never achieve. So, feel proud to have that ability and aspire to have that growth in your life. We are here to help you achieve just that.

Kanya360 is an exclusive platform for women only. You can are most welcome to come and network/communicate/sale to varied strata of women entrepreneurs or simple housewives. You need not worry about who is reading about your problems or doubts as only women are allowed on this platform so share your concerns, problems or any kind of question without any worries.

We also have exclusive women professionals from different spectrums of the profession like Lawyers and Solicitors for legal counselling, Chartered Accountants for financial planning, Dieticians and Doctors for health so on and so forth. So, if you would like to avail the services of only women professionals, this is the platform for you and vice-a-versa.

Whether you are living in a Megapolis or Metros or for that matter in of the smaller towns or villages, you will be able to fly as high as you wish to. We will help you reach all those women you would like to connect with.

We will be having a stringent verification policy for your benefit to ensure that only women come aboard on this platform. You will be required to provide with your selfie, one of the government document photo which has your photo on it (Pan Card, Driving Licence, Aadhar card etc) and anyone social media account detail. This is to ensure your privacy on the platform and to ensure that no one except the intended user is registered on the platform so that you all can communicate and network without any worries.

There are 3 platforms available to with the click of one button. Once you register on the platform you will have the option to simultaneously register on blogging as well as eCommerce platform also. You can start writing meaningful articles on the blogging site to create visibility and credibility for yourself and at the same time help fellow women community to gain some invaluable knowledge. This visibility and credibility can be successfully converted into profitability if you have registered on the eCommerce platform also and are offering product or services related to your field of speciality.

So, come experience this unique platform created ONLY FOR YOU WOMEN.